Migration and Environmental Change in Morocco: Findings, New Developments and Challenges

12.12.2023 18:00

Mobility Lecture #16 with Lore Van Praag, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Combining insights from migration and climate adaptation studies, in this session of the Mobility lectures, Lore Van Praag will start by discussing her fieldwork on environmental mobility in Tangier and Tinghir in Morocco and how these mobility patterns are related to transnational ties many people have with European countries, such as Belgium. During this fieldwork, gender dynamics, religious and spiritual interpretations, lifestyle expectations, intergenerational and intragenerational differences in (environmental) mobility patterns and aspirations were noted. She will discuss how these empirical findings contributed to gaining new insights for the field of environmental mobility, as well as how it adds to existing theoretical frameworks. Finally, these empirical findings will be used as a starting point to discuss the upcoming challenges when conducting fieldwork on environmental mobilities in the Moroccan context and how these insights can be applied to other contexts. In doing so, we aim to reflect upon future pathways to advance in this field of research and to apply to current policymaking.


Lore Van Praag (Master, PhD Ghent University) is Assistant Professor at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, where she works on social inequalities and diversity. Over the years, she has gained a lot of research expertise in participating in interdisciplinary research projects (Belspo Migradapt, H2020 MICADO, H2020 PERCEPTIONS, H2020 COVINFORM, Erasmus+ ACCORD) and coordinating research projects, such as the Validiv project on multilingualism in primary schools in Flanders (SBO project), the RESL.Eu on Early School Leavers in Europe (FP7) and the ReIncluGen project (Horizon Europe). She taught several courses, including 'Introduction Sociology', 'Introduction Anthropology', 'Interdisciplinary perspectives on migration and integration', 'Sociology of education'. Between 2019-2022, she was the head of the Centre for Migration and Intercultural Studies (CeMIS) at the University of Antwerp. Her past research project focused on gendered community effects on mental health outcomes and interethnic relations in schools, processes of tracking/streaming, discrimination, educational achievement, social support, early school leaving, educational policies, primary and secondary education, grounded theory, and ethnography. Currently, her research interests are mainly focused on environmental migration, migrant perspectives on climate adaptation, education, gender empowerment and diversity. She published international and national articles in peer-reviewed journals and books. She is part of the International Research Network on Equity in Youth Education and Training (IRNEYET) and Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre Governance of Migration and Diversity (LDE-CGM). 



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