Mobility/Immobility Relations in the Corona Pandemic

21.01.2021 18:00 - 20:00

Mobility Lecture #5 mit/with Katharina Manderscheid (ONLINE)

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In her contribution, Katharina Manderscheid will consider some changes associated with the Corona pandemic from the perspective of sociological mobility research. More specifically, her talk is concerned with the interrelation of mobility and immobility. With the Corona pandemic, interdependencies of immobility and mobility in society became visible, for example in the area of paid employment. There is an interrelationship between the possibility to retreat to the home office on the one hand and forced physical mobility to maintain material and immaterial supply flows on the other. The home office is characterized by physical immobility, but at the same time by virtual mobility. Parallel to this, we can observe the forced suspension of activities and mobilities in areas that are currently considered dispensable. The Corona pandemic is producing inequality effects outside the employment sphere as well. As a rough description of contrasting living situations along the mobility/immobility relation, Prof. Manderscheid will introduce the terms of exit-option and no-exit-fate for their characterization


Katharina Manderscheid is a prominent scholar of mobilities, since 2018 teaching and researching at Hamburg University, Department of Socioeconomics. Her research concentrates on the interplay of spatial mobilities, power and inequality, materialities and the built environment. She is especially interested in the transformation of the current system of automobility and its (un)sustainability. Other strands of her work include reflections on Bourdieu’s relationality and space, his habitus analysis, as well as social structuration of urban neighbourhoods.

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