Research Platform "Mobile Cultures and Societies: Interdisciplinary Studies on Transnational Formations"

The research platform investigates phenomena and conditions of cultural and social mobility.

By merging different disciplinary approaches, theories and procedures we develop new methodological, structural and contentual categories of research in the field of Mobility Studies at the University of Vienna. In particular, we focus on aspects facilitating and resisting mobility and their representation in different media.

Situated within an international research network, we aim to anchor the virulent issue of mobility in the intra- and extra-university public through international exchange, conferences and lectures and continuous support and involvement of young scientists.


27.06.2024 18:00

Final public event of the Research Platform Mobile Cultures and Societies and of the FWF DOC.funds program "Cultural Mobility Studies"

12.12.2023 18:00

Mobility Lecture #16 with Lore Van Praag, Erasmus University Rotterdam

05.10.2023 17:30

Final Symposium of the Research Platform Mobile Cultures and Societies

29.06.2023 18:00

Vienna Lecture in Canadian Studies #6

22.06.2023 18:00

Mobility Lecture #15 with Raquel Lejtreger

29.03.2023 15:00

Tagung des Internationalen Forschungszentrums Kulturwissenschaften (IFK)