Reflections on the interplay between text and the visual: focus on sketching in travel writing ing in travel writing

15.06.2021 17:00

Online presentation of Mobile Culture Studies. The Journal Vol. (2020), Issue 6, edited by Sandra Vlasta and Birgit Englert

 Inputs by: Flo Kasearu (Tallinn), artist, and
Sara Bédard-Goulet (Tartu), literary scholar, who will read from their pocket book „(Dis)covering …. Mountains“. Tallinn and Marseille: Routes to Roots, 2020 and Manuel João Ramos (Lisbon), anthropologist, travel writer and sketcher, author of “Of Hairy Kings and Saintly Slaves. An Ethiopian Travelogue”. Canon Pyon: Sean Kingston Publishing, 2018 followed by discussion.

An online event on the occasion of the publication of »Travel Writing: On the Interplay between Text and the Visual | Reisebilder – Bilderreisen: Zum Zusammenspiel von Text und Bild im Reisebericht« Mobile Culture Studies. The Journal Vol. (2020), Issue 6, 270 pages edited by Sandra Vlasta and Birgit Englert, with contributions by Ana de Almeida, Birgit Englert, Holger Helm, Tanja Kapp, Jan-Hendrik Müller, Mirja Riggert, Anna Karina Sennefelder, Sigrid Thomsen, Erika Unterpertinger, Sandra Vlasta, Rhian Waller, Daniel Winkler, Christian Wimplinger ­­ All articles, essays and reviews – partly in English, partly in German – are available fully open access on the website of: Mobile Culture Studies. The Journal An event hosted by the Research Platform Mobile Cultures and Societies, the Department of African Studies at the University of Vienna, the MSCA project European Travel Writing in Context (Mainz/Nottingham), and Mobile Culture Studies – The Journal at the University of Graz,
organised by Birgit Englert (Vienna) and Sandra Vlasta