Policy Mobilities and Immobilities as a Feminist Matter. The Case of Financial Literacy Education

Dovaine Buschmann, BA MA
Supervisor: Univ.-Prof. Dr.in Birgit Sauer


'Policy mobility' is an emergent interdisciplinary subfield of mobility studies as well as critical policy analysis. Differently from other perspectives, the mobilities approach suggests policy development to be a messy, partly coincidental processes, in which policies are not simply transiting intact between jurisdictions, but change and evolve through their own geographical, institutional and conceptual movement (Peck & Theodore 2010). This research project aims to reflect on the policy mobility of Financial Literacy Education (FLE) policy from a gender-sensitive perspective. While this policy was originally developed as a measure of financial regulation, policy-makers have recognised it to be an important instrument addressing gender inequality. My project explores how and why the FLE policy gained focus on the issue of gender inequality, and what does this conceptual policy mobility reveal about asymmetric gender relations.