Examining Mobility of Social Spheres. A Feminist Policy Analysis of Financial Literacy Education in Austria

(c) Rachel Levit Ruiz

Dovaine Buschmann, BA MA
Supervisor: Univ.-Prof. Dr.in Birgit Sauer


The doctoral project of Dovaine Buschmann addresses the ongoing feminist debate on the financialization of everyday life by proposing to analyse how public policies result from and contribute to the changing relations between society, financial market and the state. Combining theoretical concepts from feminist political economy, mobility studies and policy analysis, this thesis develops an innovative analytical framework that is capable of grasping the process of ‘bordering’ – imagining, setting, conceptualising and negotiating borders between the public and the private spheres. The project aims to analyse the process of policy formulation of Austrian Financial Literacy Education (FLE) policy by pursuing the research question: how are the borders between the public and the private spheres (re-)negotiated in the policy-making process? Furthermore, this thesis aims to understand what implications (if any) does the process of ‘bordering’ on the policy level have for gender relations.