Assoz.-Prof. Mag.a Birgit Englert

Associate Professor at the Department of African Studies

UniCampus Hof 5.1
Spitalgasse 2, 1090 Wien



Vlasta S, (ed.), Englert B, (ed.). Travel writing – on the interplay between text and the visual. 2020. 270 p. (Mobile Culture Studies. The Journal).

Englert B, Moreto NP. Retelling the World in Swahili – Revisiting the Practice of Film Translation in Tanzania. In Balogun K, Gilman L, Graboyes M, Iddrisu H, editors, Africa Every Day. Fun, Leisure, and Expressive Culture on the Continent.. Ohio University Press. 2019. p. 265-273

Englert B, (ed.). Translocal Popular Culture. 2019. 172 p. (Stichproben: Wiener Zeitschrift für kritische Afrikastudien; No. 36).