Romana Bund, BA MA

Project assistant (prae-doc) / FWF doc.funds


Phone: +43-1-4277-25603

PhD Thesis

Post-mortal mobility: Human and Animal Remains on the Move


Research interests
  • Material Cultures
  • History of Science and Knowledge starting with the 19th century
  • Gender and Agency
  • Postcolonial and Decolonial Theories
  • Environmental Humanities and Extinction
Curriculum vitae

BA in Philosophy and German Studies at the Karl-Franzens-University Graz; transdisciplinary MA in Media Culture and Art Theory at the University of Art Linz, Master thesis in the field of Cultural Studies about Taxidermic Thinking: A Rereading of the Practices and Surfaces in Animal Preservation; in addition to her academic work she is regularly involved in exhibition and festival projects.

Bund R. Resurrecting the Past to Save the Future? Mobile Afterlives of the Thylacine. In Atanasova D, Bund R, Buschmann D, Diniega R, Donat J, Gföllner B, Kopf N, editors, Entangled Future Im/Mobilities. Transcript Verlag. 2024

Bund R. Hybrid Creation Fantasies: A Conversation. In Zimmerhackl K, editor, Hybrid Creation Fantasies: A Creation. Scriptings. 2023

Bund R. Ausgestöpfte Vögel und das Anthropozän: Wenn tierische Präparate plötzlich etwas über Luftverschmutzung erzählen. In Pisk M, Anelli-Monti M, editors, Salzburger Gespräche: Von gegenwärtiger Zukunft und zukünftiger Gegenwart. Wien: A-MK. 2020. p. 44–51

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