Univ.-Prof. Dr. Patrick Sakdapolrak

Patrick Sakdapolrak

Department of Geography and Regional Research

Universitätsstraße 7/5
1010 Wien

Tel.: +43-1-4277-48730

Email: patrick.sakdapolrak@univie.ac.at


My research field is at the interface of population dynamics, environmental change and development processes, with a focus on the topics of migration and displacement as well as health and disease. The central theme of my research is the question of how vulnerable groups live with risk. My Ph.D. thesis is based on field research in slum settlements in India, where the inhabitants have significant higher mortality and morbidity rates than the rest of the urban population. I have investigated how these poor urban groups cope with and adapt to environmental and social stresses. My current research on migration-environment relationships in Kenya and Thailand addresses the question how migration alters the way people at places of origin deal with the environment and climate change. I have the aim to pursue sound theoretical and empirical research which is relevant for wider society. I have studied Geography and Development Research in Heidelberg and Wollongong, Australia, and received my doctorate degree at Bonn University.

Research Interests
  • Conceptual: vulnerability, resilience, livelihoods, translocality, Bourdieu's Practice-Theory
  • Thematic: human-environment-relations, migration and displacement, health and disease
  • Regional: South Asia (India), South-East Asia (Thailand), East Africa (Kenia)
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