Daniela Paredes Grijalva, BA MA

Institute for Social Anthropology, Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW)

Daniela Paredes Grijalva received her BA from the Universidad San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador and her MA in Cultural and Social Anthropology from the University of Vienna, where she is currently enrolled as a doctoral student. She is a DOC-ÖAW Fellow and a researcher at the Institute for Social Anthropology of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. She has worked on transnational migration, gender and social protection. Her interests include disasters, environmental change, colonial legacies, and human rights. She currently researches links between the environment and mobilities in Indonesia (more: https://www.oeaw.ac.at/isa/forschung/seaindo/mobilities-and-socio-environmental-frictions-in-hazard-prone-locations-at-indonesian-frontiers/ ).

Email: Daniela.paredes.grijalva@oeaw.ac.at