Prof. Dr. Frederike Middelhoff

Goethe-University Frankfurt

Frederike Middelhoff studied German Literature, Linguistics and English Literature at JMU Würzburg (GER) and the University of Exeter (UK). She received her doctoral degree in Feb. 2019 with a study on history and cultural contexts of animal autobiography in German-speaking countries. The book has been published with Metzler Verlag in Jan. 2020. Frederike worked as a postdoc researcher in the DFG Centre for Advanced Studies “Imaginaria of Force” at the University of Hamburg from March 2019 to Feb. 2020. Since March 2020, she is W1-Professor of German Literature and Romantic Studies at the Goethe University of Frankfurt. Her research interests range from cultural animal studies, plant studies and ecocritical theory to multilingual literatures, mobility and migration studies, with a focus set on the interrelations between literature and knowledge. Her new project explores the theoretical, artistic and scientific contexts in which the Romantics discussed and depicted the various forms, experiences and consequences of migration. The study aims to reconstruct knowledges about migration in Romantic circles from the perspective of literary and cultural studies.

Research project:

Romantic Migrations: A History of Knowledge